Statement by MP Zimmer Regarding the Current Crisis in Ethiopia

OTTAWA – Bob Zimmer, Member of Parliament for Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies, made the following statement in the House of Commons yesterday regarding the political crisis in Ethiopia after meeting constituents who declined to be named due to concerns for the safety of their families.

“I rise today to speak to the concerns that have been raised to me by my constituents regarding the political climate in Ethiopia, these concerns are also being raised in the US by my counterpart, Congressman Chris Smith.

“What is happening in Ethiopia right now needs to be addressed in the strongest possible terms, they are potentially on the verge of civil war and/or genocide and we are in a position to stop it, but only if we do something more than “reiterate concerns” and “call on the Ethiopian government to make genuine improvements…”

“Opposition party leader, Dr. Merera Gudina was jailed upon his return to Addis Ababa following a speech he gave to Members of the European Parliament condemning the government for their human rights violations. A six-month state of emergency has been declared in an effort to quell dissenters. Thousands of peaceful protesters have been killed or imprisoned and 88,000 people have had to flee as refugees or migrants last year alone.

“What is happening in Ethiopia is being called an “abomination” and I encourage this government to sit up, take notice and take the strongest possible stand against it.”

Mr. Zimmer hopes by raising awareness that significant steps will be taken and Ethiopia can finally find peace.


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