Statement by MP Zimmer Regarding Mill Closures and Curtailments in the Region

OTTAWA – Bob Zimmer, Member of Parliament for Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies, issued the following statement regarding the recent news of mill closures and curtailments in the region:

“I know many residents who depend on the forestry sector are being directly affected by these closures and curtailments and my thoughts continue to be with those families.

“Many within the industry are pointing to a growing sense of uncertainty within the province’s forestry sector as the reasoning behind these closures, including the low lumber prices, a declining annual allowable cut, and how mill operations will be affected by the current draft caribou recovery plans. There are also growing concerns about the lack of progress on the softwood lumber issue. Unfortunately, we are seeing the real-world consequences of the Liberal’s failure to act on the softwood lumber file and a provincial government that wants to increase regulation at a time when the industry is already on its knees.

“In these uncertain times, it looks as though this may just be the beginning, which is why I, along with other Conservative Members of Parliament from British Columbia, have been briefed on these closures and curtailments and possible next steps. It is clear that both the federal Liberal government and provincial NDP government are simply not doing enough to support this important industry and its workers.

“We here in Northeastern BC are resilient in nature. If those affected have any questions about applying for any federal assistance programs, please do not hesitate to contact my office.”


For more information: 613-947-4524