NDP-Liberal Budget Spends Billions More Of Your Money With Little To Show For It

OTTAWA – Bob Zimmer, Member of Parliament for Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies, issued the following statement regarding the 2022 NDP-Liberal Budget:    

“This budget does nothing to address the cost-of-living crisis Canadians are facing. If you want to control inflation, you have to control spending. They have failed. Instead, the NDP-Liberal government has doubled down on their uncontrolled spending and higher taxes.     

“Not only that but with this budget, the NDP-Liberal government have completely ignored the geopolitical realities facing the world today and the immediate role Canada could play in supporting our allies while ensuring our own sovereignty and security.   

“By committing to phasing out flow-through shares for our energy sector, the NDP-Liberals are hamstringing this vital industry at a time when countries like Germany, Italy, Poland, Finland, and Japan are looking to reduce their reliance on Russian-supplied energy. Canada could be that alternative source. However, this government continues to do all that it can to stop our energy development, with zero consideration for our geopolitical role in the world or the thousands of Canadian energy workers.   

“Despite promising to invest in the Canadian Armed Forces and protect our Arctic sovereignty and security, there is also nothing in the budget to ensure that this NDP-Liberal government will follow through on any of its commitments. No plan, no timeline, no mention of new fighter jets. Once again, this government is all talk and no action.    

“It is also extremely disappointing, although not at all surprising, to see the NDP-Liberal government commit to using resources to implement a firearms confiscation program that won’t make our communities safer. Taking firearms away from law-abiding citizens does nothing to stop dangerous criminals and gangs who obtain their guns illegally. This government should be focusing these much-needed resources in supporting our police officers, border officials, and grassroots youth diversion programs.   

“This NDP-Liberal government wastefully throws your money around, but it isn’t getting the results you need. We need a government that understands success isn’t measured by dollars spent but measured in getting things done.”