MP’s Strahl and Zimmer Outline Conservative Opposition to Bill C-71

OTTAWA – Conservatives understand that while the safety of Canadians is the highest responsibility of any government, law-abiding Canadian firearms owners and sport shooters are not the problem when it comes to gun crime in Canada. That’s why today, MP Mark Strahl, Chilliwack – Hope and MP Bob Zimmer, Prince George – Peace River – Northern Rockies, are joining their Conservative colleagues in standing steadfast against Justin Trudeau’s firearms legislation – Bill C-71.

“From day one of this legislation, we’ve known what the outcome of it would be. Whenever Liberals attempt to curb crime with new gun laws, they always end up targeting law-abiding Canadian firearms owners, instead of the real criminals responsible for illegal acts and gun violence,” Strahl said. “It’s clear that Bill C-71 is completely unfair and does nothing to keep Canadians safe.”

Today, MP Strahl and MP Zimmer are announcing a Conservative Government will repeal C-71. It does nothing to address gang violence or target gang criminals – in fact, the word “gang” doesn’t even appear in the bill.

Instead, Conservatives would replace it with firearms legislation that actually targets criminals. The legislation would also ensure the protection of the public, and respect sport shooters and law-abiding, highly-vetted firearms owners.

Conservative Party of Canada Leader and the Leader of the Official Opposition, the Hon. Andrew Scheer, added, “Justin Trudeau will always choose to play politics instead of finding common-sense solutions to keep Canadians safe.”

“We have always understood that law-abiding Canadian firearms owners are never the problem,” Scheer added. “Canada’s Conservatives will take real action for the safety of Canadians. We’re strong, ready and here for Canada.”