MP Zimmer Urges Liberal Government to Deliver Support for Energy Sector

FORT ST. JOHN – Bob Zimmer, Member of Parliament for Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies, issued the following statement urging the Liberal government to deliver support to Canada’s energy workers and businesses hard hit by the COVID-19 crisis:

“It has been nine days since Finance Minister Bill Morneau told Parliament that help for the oil and gas sector during this health and economic crisis would be announced in a matter of ‘hours or days’ and ‘not weeks’.

“Our energy workers are still waiting.

“We, as the Official Opposition, are calling on the government to finalize and release their action plan to help energy workers and the oil and gas sectors.

“Any action the government takes should focus on real solutions that secure the short-term survival of energy employers and workers, and longer-term measures that will ensure recovery and future growth in Canada. This should include: tools that ensure easy access to needed funds, with particular focus on small and medium size operators; improve competitiveness by reducing costs, cutting red tape, and once again making Canada a safe and desirable place to invest; ensure our energy independence by getting pipelines built; and sustain employment – by both maintaining existing jobs and getting people back to work.

“As my colleague Shannon Stubbs, Shadow Minister for Natural Resources said, ‘The tens of thousands of Canadians in the energy sector who are out of work or will be laid off shortly are depending on this Liberal government to act now – otherwise they will not have a job to return to. No measure should be taken off the table. During these unprecedented times Canadians are counting on the government now more than ever to step up.’

“Our energy workers and their families are hurting right now and they need to get the help they rightfully deserve.

“The time for action is now.”