MP Zimmer Pleased With Funding for the Dawson Creek Airport

OTTAWA – Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies MP, Bob Zimmer is pleased that Transport Canada has announced $621,875 in funding for the Dawson Creek Airport.

Under Transport Canada’s Airports Capital Assistance Program (ACAP) the Dawson Creek Airport will receive $264,660 to replace the plow truck and reversible plow, $318,160 to replace the runway sweeper, as well as $39,055 for the purchase of a runway condition reporting system.

ACAP has been providing funding since 1995 and is designed to assist small regional airports that may have a difficult time raising enough revenue to maintain the quality, year-round service that they provide. Some of the needs that can be addressed by this fund are improvements to airport security, protecting airport assets, and helping to reduce operating costs.

“The Dawson Creek Airport is an excellent example of why this program was established and I’m very pleased to see that they have been able to capitalize on this opportunity,” said Mr. Zimmer. “Congratulations to the Dawson Creek Airport, it’s good to know that this funding is going for very deserving projects and our community will continue to benefit from the service they provide.”


More information: 613-947-4524