MP Zimmer Participates in Chetwynd Funding Annoucement

Chetwynd – Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies MP, Bob Zimmer joined MLA Mike Bernier to make the joint provincial and federal announcement of funding for upgrades to the Water Treatment Plant in Chetwynd.

“I’m proud to represent the people of Northeastern BC and pleased to have such a good working relationship with my provincial counterpart,” said Mr. Zimmer “It is always best when the different levels of government work together for the good of the community and today, Chetwynd has benefitted from that positive relationship.”

“In B.C. we have an incredible wealth of fresh water that we need to protect and use efficiently. The $2.6 million in upgrades to the water treatment plant will provide the Chetwynd area with an improved water treatment plant, so we can continue British Columbia’s legacy of great clean water,” said Mr. Bernier.

“Water Treatment Plant upgrades have been a priority for the District of Chetwynd for several years,” said Mayor Merlin Nichols; “I believe that the Federal and Provincial governments recognized our strong commitment to the project because the District initiated work on a pre-design of the project and a water conservation plan prior to submitting the application; the District has undertaken extensive improvements to water and sewer infrastructure in recent years, as part of our environmental responsibility and our ongoing endeavour to provide excellent services to the residents of Chetwynd.”

The federal government will contribute $1,566,095 to Chetwynd for additional upgrades to the Water Treatment Plant.