MP Zimmer Introduced his Private Members’ Bill, An Act to Amend the Firearms Act (licences)

OTTAWA – Bob Zimmer, Member of Parliament for Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies, introduced his Private Member’s Bill in the House of Commons today. Bill C-346 An Act to Amend the Firearms Act (licences) seeks to ensure that firearms owners will never be criminalized for an administrative issue.

“This is something that is important to me and to many of my constituents and I’m very proud to be able to take this crucial step forward on this issue,” said Mr. Zimmer. “The purpose of this Bill is, ultimately, to make sure that no law-abiding firearms owner can be criminalized for an expired firearms licence.”

Bill C-346 seeks to amend the Firearms Act by requiring that firearms licences be updated every ten years instead of expiring after five years. This will ensure that no individual would be breaking the law by simply owning a firearm. The other aspect of the Bill is voluntary relinquishment which allows for an individual to turn in their firearms licence without fear of future negative repercussions.


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