MP Zimmer Concerned With Omar Khadr Settlement Reports

OTTAWA – Bob Zimmer, Member of Parliament for Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies is deeply disappointed in reports that the Liberal government will be issuing a formal apology as well as handing over at least $10 million of taxpayers’ dollars to convicted terrorist Omar Khadr.

Media outlets are claiming that numerous unnamed sources have said that the government has come to an agreement with Khadr’s lawyers in the civil case that Khadr filed against the Canadian government.

“Omar Khadr has been convicted in a court of law, he pled guilty to murder and our justice system did its job,” said Mr. Zimmer. “This is an insult to U.S. Special Forces medic Sgt. Christopher Speer’s family and Canadians who continue to pay for a killers’ actions.”

“I stand with Conservative leader Andrew Scheer and call on Khadr to give any money he receives from this settlement to the family of Sergeant Speer,” said Bob Zimmer. “It’s long past time that we take a strong stand against terrorism and ensure that those connected in any way to these groups pay the price.”

Omar Khadr was born in Toronto and was arrested at the age of 15 by U.S. troops where he was fighting for al-Qaeda in a compound in Afghanistan. During a firefight at the compound Sgt. Speer was killed and Omar Khadr confessed that he was responsible.


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