MP Zimmer Comments on Budget 2017

OTTAWA – Bob Zimmer, MP for Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies responded with deep concerns regarding the deficit of $28.5 billion, the debt growing ever closer to $1 trillion and the burden it will put on the next generation. Mr. Zimmer also responded in his various roles to Budget 2017.

In his role as Critic for the Asia Pacific Gateway Mr. Zimmer was hoping to see specific amounts dedicated to the Asia Pacific Gateway, similar to the Conservative government’s previous investment of $1.056 billion in this critical Corridor.

“The Asia Pacific Gateway Fund will close next year with no significant investment by this government,” said Mr. Zimmer. “I will be advocating to see that a large portion of this $2 billion will be allocated to the Asia Pacific Gateway.”

As a federal representative for Northeastern BC Mr. Zimmer is also deeply concerned with the removal of tax incentives for small oil and gas companies.

“At a point when the oil and gas sector in BC has just begun its recovery it’s disappointing that the federal Liberal government would put that at risk.”

Being the Deputy Critic for Families, Children and Social Development, MP Zimmer was pleased to see that recommendations to remove the Labour Market Impact Assessment processing fee for families seeking caregivers were heard.

“I have personally advocated for families in Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies at HUMA Committee, for those who require caregivers the reduction of LMIA fees was important,” said Mr. Zimmer. “Today it was rewarding to see that the government was listening.”

Further, the assistance to Indigenous and northern communities to reduce the reliance on diesel noted in Budget 2017 was welcome. Mr. Zimmer has personally championed this for the last number of years in Ottawa.

“Thanks to UNBC who presented biomass generation as a diesel alternative in Ottawa to the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs. This proves that Northeastern BC communities CAN make a difference here in Ottawa.”


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